Motor Claims

In the unfortunate event of an accident be sure to follow the below points

–  Do not admit liability for an accident or promise to pay for   repairs even if you believe you are at fault.

–  Record the other party’s details: name, address,    phone number, vehicle registration and Insurer.

–  Report the accident to Police where required by    legislation or when people have suffered an injury.

–  Prevent further loss or damage if possible (e.g. move    your car off the road and switch on your hazard lights).

–  If your vehicle is stolen or maliciously damaged,    immediately report the incident to Police. 

Property Claims

Don’t jeopardise the potential of your claim settlement

–  Take photos of damaged items or areas and record a description of the incident.

–  Make all damaged property available for inspection.

–  Do not make any repairs to damaged areas without  obtaining permission from the Insurer.

–  Make temporary repairs only when necessary to prevent further loss or damage from occurring (e.g. repair a leaking pipe). 

–  Where damage is caused by malicious acts or the property has been lost or stolen, please report the incident to Police.

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